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Storth Church of England Primary School is located in the heart of south Lakeland and is the centre of the village community, with strong links to village groups and the church. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, open and very hard working school with excellent results at the end of both key stages.


We have three classrooms and a vibrant Nursery that are supported by a very hard working and dedicated group of staff, parents and wider community. We hold no end of extra-curricular activities throughout the year, as well as two residentials for the juniors and an infant camp in school.


We have a very active PTA, who would welcome new parents to swell their ranks; a very active sporting programme allowing all the children to showcase their talents, as well as weekly forest schools activities and representation on the South Lakes Pupil Parliament.


Please feel free to make an appointment to have a look around at any time so you too can get a feel for the happy and vibrant atmosphere that is at the heart of Storth School.

Diary – April 30th – May 4th


The week started with another new arrival – Hugo the Herdwick sheep!! A very cute and placid new lamb to join in with Basil, Jemima and Bert and captivate the children. This week was also the last week of the Big Pedal which has seen an average of around 40 children and parents coming to school on bikes or scooters. A huge thank you to all who  took part – I will let you all know how we did next week.


On Wednesday the year 3 and 4 children travelled to Dallam and represented the school in a Rounders tournament. They had a great time and finished eighth overall. Not bad!


Thursday saw a Year 3 and 4 (busy these 3 and 4’s) sleepover in school. All the children pitched a tent in class 3 before taking part in a non-stop cricket match. After this they hiked just over 3 miles through the woods before returning to school for marshmallows around the camp fire with extra midges! All the children managed to sleep before facing Star Wars day!! Some great costumes and plenty of photos on the website.


A long weekend now before we start to face the Year 6 sat assessments.


Diary – April 23rd – 27th.

Another action packed week. The school is really working very hard at the moment with the end of key stage assessments looming and the year 6 children doing their very best work at all times! The whole cohort of 13 needs a huge pat on the back for having such a positive attitude and steady determination to do their very best. Well done!

Elsewhere this week the new lambs – Basil, Florence and Bert – continue to be a real focus with their four daily bottle feeds. The children are coping well with the demands, and as for the lambs….. well, they seem to be growing rapidly.

Class three started their rehearsals for The Tempest – our next outing to the Brewery and seem to be getting along very nicely. Tickets are on sale now!

Our clubs started again this week with sewing on Monday and homework. There was a great turn out for the new Forest School clubs on Tuesday, despite the awful weather. The juniors romped through the woods looking for things to build with; while the infants built dens with Mrs Ireland in the warm and dry classroom. There was a perfect running club on Wednesday where the children disappeared into the woods around the quarry, but did re-emerge in time for picking up! Some said it was the best running club ever………!

We have sports club on Thursday with preparations for the Y3/4 rounders tournament at Dallam next week; and the whole week was rounded off with a whole-school disco in the Heron Hall courtesy of the PTA – many thanks to them.

Diary – March 12th – 16th

What a totally scientific week it has been! To mark National Science week the school changed everything and concentrated on all things science.

We started the week with a very fascinating introduction into what it means to be a GP with Chris Harris. He introduced all of the children to our heart beats and lung sounds and brought along an array of bits of bobs for the children to explore and play with. Following this Mrs Ratcliffe talked about germs and bacteria and then the children took swabs from different areas of themselves and school and are busy growing cultures in the boiler house!! We wait and see what starts growing. In the afternoon John Hodgson came to school and talked to all of the children about chemistry and carried out several exciting investigations – even introducing the crowd pleasing Bunsen burner!

Tuesday was equally busy with a round robin of five talks and experiments. We had Kate Lenton creating blood; Becky Boyd wrapping children in bandages; Mrs Fray talking all things physiotherapy; Jenny Skinner talking about nursing and doctoring and Helen Hollows looking at X-rays and letting children see what is inside a gp’s bag!! Amazing stuff!

On Wednesday Professor Pumpernickel wowed the children with some truly amazing scientific experiments – lots of bangs, flashes and smells (just like a normal day in Mrs Ireland’s classroom). The children also worked together to create a poster on a famous scientist, the most popular being Professor Stephen Hawking.

Thursday was rocket and volcano day! Mrs Goodfellow held the school aghast with some great volcanic eruptions and wizardry with oil and water, before capturing the children’s’ imaginations with some fabulous rocket making skills.

Friday wrapped the week up with Biomass experiments and some team work investigations into different science experiments. The children then launched their rockets in the afternoon ending the week with a bang! Great stuff!




Diary – March 5th – 9th


Another really great week for the children at school. Monday saw Olivia, Jessica, Sarah, Kayleigh and Rosie represent the school at the key steps competition second round. We came a fantastic second by 0.4 points! How close can it get? Congratulations to you all – we are very proud. There will be a display of the gymnastic skills by all key step members very shortly, watch this space!


Elsewhere, the Year 5/6 children finished fourth out of twelve teams in the inter – school sports Lacrosse competition. Not at all bad considering we had never played Lacrosse until two years ago and we are up against some big schools with plenty of children.


Tuesday saw the story teller Ian wowing and entertaining the children (and staff) with some great story telling. The children were enraptured by his tales and have gone away (hopefully) inspired to write more.


Class 3 continue to dancing under the watchful eye of Mrs Goodfellow in preparation for U dance in two weeks;  and Mrs Harvey is busy coaching he infants in their singing techniques for the L’al Big Sing straight after half term.


The end of the week was marked by a visit form the ex-Bishop of Lancaster Geoff Pearson as part of the moving mountains celebration. He came to school, and faced some stiff questioning from the children about his life before enjoying some tea and cakes, kindly donated by parents and staff. A very nice and uplifting way to end the week.


School diary February 26th – March 2nd


A hectic week once again!


The school has been preparing for the visit of Bishop Geoff Pearson to the school next week and a whole bank of questions have been compiled ready to fire at him when he comes! The children have also celebrated world book day by dressing as their favourite book characters and enjoying their books with one another.


The highlight of the week though was our SNOW DAY!! A whole day off school to play in the snow and have great fun. The only annoying part was that the snow didn’t last long enough and school re-opened on Thursday! Never mind - there’s always next year!