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Take a look at Back To School Magazine, a new digital magazine for parents of primary school children.

It's full of useful information such as helping with homework, SAT's, phonics, numeracy and literacy.Sign up now and you will receive it (at no cost) in your inbox at the start of every term.

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Free Past Papers, the web's most comprehensive collection of completely free KS1/KS2/KS3 QCA SATs past papers. We also have all previous Mental Maths listening tests in MP3 and all freely available QCA Yr3/Yr4/Yr5 and Yr7 optional SATs papers for anyone to download.

Over 3000 teachers, parents and pupils use every day and I hope you too find our resources useful.

Free Life Membership

What is 'Free Life Membership'? – This gives you free life membership at school and home (forever) to a selection of games and activities on the BAFTA winning website originally developed by Channel 4 for the Department for Education – an inspiring learning adventure for primary children covering all subjects and more ...

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